Arthur Richardson
The Story of a Remarkable Ride

A born adventurer, among his many feats at the turn of the 20th century Arthur Richardson planned and executed the first solo 'circumcycling' of Australia.

He could scarcely have dreamed of resources available to later explorers of Antarctica, Everest, Alaska and Tierre del Fuego. The fixed-wheel, steel-framed bike with no brakes he used stands in sharp contrast with light-weight machines of today. Today's frames may not have survived the rigors of this venture.

The two renowned cycling brothers Frank and Alec White and the famous NSW explorer Donald McKay drew the public attention. As a team, their anti-clockwise attempt started from the East Coast. Convinced Arthur simply could not survive the event which had turned into a virtual race, the public struggled to understand when Arthur won.

Moved to publish this mighty story today, we bring to the Australian public, and particularly to the cycling fraternity, a tribute to a truly superhuman effort.

The contents are based on Dunlop's 'The Story of a Remarkable Ride' which it published early 1900. We embellish with extracts of various newspaper articles (copied direct from archives with all their degradation shortcomings), family documents and photos that survived 100 and more years. Initiated by coincidence, this book took on a life of its own, inspiring us as much as we hope it inspires you.

brought to you by

Geoffrey Owen, cyclist and cycling enthusiast
Hugh Richardson, casual cyclist and grand nephew of Arthur
June Bagley, Richardson family genealogist and Arthur's grand neice.